This was my first time taking a quilting class.


Dena Cotti was the instructor – Awesome sauce! – and throughout the 6-week beginning quilting class she had lots of helpful and sage advice.


The topic for our last class was: binding.


Dena brought in her Binding Tool Box and showed us what to put in it.


Tips from Dena


Step One: Go get a fishing tackle box from Wal-Mart.
Make sure it’s double sided plastic, that the slots are adjustable, and it locks securely.


The one in the picture is by Ozark Trail.


Step Two: Fill it with all the things you need for binding the quilt you’re working on. 

1. A pack of sewing needles.

2. Small scissors — Dena recommends the little scissors for sale at the register.


3. Thread you'll be using to sew your binding.


4. Wonder Clips – These are a better alternative to pinning layers! They’re my new crush.


5. Thread Magic – Prevents tangling and fraying of the thread.


6. Straight pins – Any pins will do. Although, I do iike the flat, flower pins.


7. Seam ripper - minis are fine.


8. Thimble.


9. Needle threader - these hummingbirds are cute!


Keep everything you need for binding in your box.

That way, it’s all in one place and you can just grab it on the go.