It's a snowy day, and you are ready to stitch!  The Hallmark Channel is on... or maybe Criminal Minds and a hot cup of tea is on the table.  Ready set... whoops!  The needle has fallen into the couch... you're sitting on your scissors or maybe they have fallen to the floor.  YIKES!  
The Lap App is to the rescue!  This adjustable lap table is perfect for handwork on your couch or in the car. 

The padded top provides a place for your project and your hands!  NO MORE HUNCHING OVER!! 

It comes complete with an ironing bord cover so you can press your seems without having to get up and  down.

The Lapp App Spindles
The two large knobs make it easy to adjust the height and tilt of the table top so its just perfect for the way you work. Three spindles hold your thread at the ready, and the super strong earth magnet to prevents pins and needles from getting lost.

It even provides a sandpaper surface for tracing and marking! Perfect for applique projects!
 Grab one today and enjoy it in your cozy home and be ready for those long car rides of summer.