Automatic Needle Threaders –
The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

I LOVE having an automatic needle threader on my machine! Especially as I get older, it’s a true blessing. Most machines now offer some form of a needle threader – some work with the touch of a button while others require you to pull down a lever. But NONE of them require you to wear your reading glasses!!! YAY!

It turns out there is actually a pretty good argument for using a threader, besides aging eyes or unsteady hands. A needle threader serves as a warning in the event you have not positioned your needle correctly on the needle bar.

If your needle is not pushed all the way up onto the needle bar and you start sewing you could damage your hook - which could be very costly! If you use the built-in threader however, you will know if the needle is positioned incorrectly because the threader will not align with the eye of the needle.

If you haven’t mastered your needle threader yet – read on.

Using an Automatic Needle Threader

  • Make sure your machine is threaded correctly by following the proper thread path with your Presser Foot UP.

  • Make sure your needle is raised to its highest position by using the Needle Up/Down Button.

  • Lower the presser foot when you reach the Needle Bar Thread Guide.
  • While lowering the needle threader lever, hook the thread onto the guide. (Depending on the type of machine you have this might look like an elbow, bracket or post – but it will hold your thread to the left of the needle, so it is in the correct position for threading your needle.)

  • Pull the thread across the front of the needle and towards the back of your machine. (Most automatic needle threaders will have a guide or a bracket on the right-hand side of the needle to help you position the thread correctly.)
  • Fully lower the needle threader lever. The end of the needle threader rotates toward you and the hook passes through the eye of the needle. (On some machines you simply push a button and it will automatically thread your needle at this point.) 

  • As you slowly release the lever, loosen your grip on the thread – or let go of it altogether! (The hook will not be able to pull the thread through the eye of the needle if you have a death grip on it.)
  • Pull the loop of the thread passed through the eye of the needle toward the rear of the machine. 
  • It may take a little bit of practice to master the needle threader on your machine but once you learn to use it you will never want to be without it!