Over the years, I have found that many of us have the same fabric cutting error. We put the ruler on the fabric to the size we need and cut! Whoops!

If you line up to that size and cut, the black mark of the ruler could or could not be on the fabric, perhaps it's floating in air. Some rulers have rather fat measuring lines-that could be a lot of ruler in the air. So instead of a 2" cut you have a little short of 2".

This shortage piles up especially for minis that are small pieces to begin with, or quilts with lots of pieces.

If instead, you line up the measurement needed, then scoot it a little till you see just a hair of fabric on the other side of the mark, you will cut enough fabric for the measurement you need. NOW, it's just a hair, a hint of color....don't go crazy and make it 1/8th!

Just a wisp will do.